• Phil Latham

Do what is best for the common good, not just yourself

I know a guy who is just about as good as a guy can get.

For a fact, I’d trust him with my life and even more than that, with the life of anyone in my family. If lost in the wilderness, he would be much more capable to survive. He could skin a deer and run a trotline.

You might infer from this that I think he is a pretty sharp fellow.

Well, yes and no.

Because when this guy looks up to the sky he often sees those little white vapor trails left by jets, mostly out of Barksdale Air Force Base in Shreveport. In those contrails he envisions the seeds of our destruction. He believes the government is putting something in those contrails to – well, he isn’t quite certain why but it can’t be good.

He’s also believed, variously, in the Jade Helm conspiracy in 2015, in which all the people Obama didn’t like would be put in concentration camps, and that abandoned Wal Marts were being prepared to hold all the no-goodniks.

I think those beliefs are downright goofy and he thinks that my refusal to believe is worse than goofy and will lead all of us to be put away.

But here’s one thing this fellow does not believe: That the coronavirus is real.

He’s not nearly the only one but it seems incredible that 10,000 scientists, at least that many doctors and virologists can verify the existence of the novel coronavirus and that it makes people sick – some very sick and others not so much – with large numbers of people not believing a word the experts say.

Instead they will bring forth a guy who looks and sounds like Jerry Lewis in the “Nutty Professor who insists that they have thoroughly studied that particular virus inside and out and it doesn’t have a mean bone in its viral body.

“All those doctors are lying!” the nutty professor will say. “Those people aren’t really dead but being held in an abandoned Wal Mart in Saskatchewan!”

A nutty professor can be found when one is needed and it seems as if, as the years pass on, there are more of them cropping up.

These so-called experts aren’t just harmful for the people they convince but for those in whom they plant the slightest seed of doubt.

I am not saying that all of us should believe everything the government tells us, far from it, and that’s not just with this administration but with any of them. As it turns out, just about all of them have the great tendency to not tell it like it is.

We have to use our brains, though. People are getting sick and some are dying of a malady we have not encountered before. Heck, blame it on contrails if you wish, or an attack by aliens.

It does have some cause, however, so what in the world could it be?

Let’s see, most contagious diseases are caused by bacteria or viruses, perhaps it is one of those two. I’m struggling to see why anyone finds this surprising or unbelievable.

Not everyone who contracts the disease is getting hospital-sick but enough are to strain our medical system everywhere. What should we do? Here’s an idea: Let’s try to keep the disease from spreading. That seems like a good idea.

That might require making some changes. Nobody is picking on you or subverting your freedoms in trying to stop the disease. If you believe they are, take a deep breath, remove the tinfoil hat and think about doing what is best for the common good.

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