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My Story

I spent more than 40 years of my life writing for and managing newspapers in East Texas, or, as we call it, Behind the Pine Curtain.

I've written all manner of stories, from cops to sports, from columns to, believe it or not, fashion pieces. I don't know how many millions of words I've written.

Until recently, I was still earning money off writing but decided that 65 is a good time to retire from the business, but not from writing. I'll write as long as my mind and fingers will allow me to do so.

I've also written two novels and have a third one ready to be published. Don't know exactly when that will happen but, as I self-publish, it could be at any time.

Feel free to comment here or on my facebook page where these will be posted. As always, I enjoy hearing from you.

About Me: About Me
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